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Lingerie Set: An Introduction to Sexy Things - Lingerie

Lingerie is an item that looks good on every woman, no matter her shape, size or proportions. Slipping on lingerie seems to help women exude a sensual state of being, and therefore should be a staple in every woman's wardrobe. There are many different types of lingerie but the basics are a nice bra or shirt and underwear set. A nice set that every woman can have is a nice black lace matching set. A matching bra set is already something that every woman needs and is also universally flattering.

Matching bra sets are the item that a woman should ad to her drawer before anything else. Not only are these lingerie pieces to use for show, but they can be for everyday use as well. Matching bra sets are not only sexy but can help a woman feel at her best even under sweat pants. Don't believe me? Try it once.

Corsets are also a good lingerie item to add to the wardrobe. Corsets help to lift the bust area while tightening around the mid section, creating the ever elusive large bust and slim waste. Sexy corsets can help shape the figure of women who are midriff heavy or have a large midsection. Longer corsets that reach the top of the underwear can disguise and belly while giving your body a very feminine and curvy shape.

Teddies are a great idea for every woman no matter the shape, as teddies vary greatly. For a girl who wants to show off her shape a teddy that has elasticity and hugs the body is a good choice. For girls who want a little more coverage but still a sensual look, a silk or satin teddy with spaghetti straps and a looser fit will be the best option.

Most women neglect to think about robes when talking about lingerie, but in reality, robes are a subtle sexy piece that can be used quickly and without and squeezing into. Some good alternatives to the traditional robe are short silk robes. They hang on the body better and simply give your body an aura of sensuality. An overlooked crowd favorite is also the robe with the sheer back. The back is often on of a woman's most flattering and delicate points. The curve and dip of the back being accentuated in a silk robe with a sheer back is sure to be an awesome look.

Lingerie does not only consist of body pieces but also of garter belts, thigh highs, and makeup to go along with the play.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lingerie Set: His and Hers Lingerie - For You and For Me

Sexy lingerie should not be restricted only as women's intimate apparel. Even men have the right to look sensuous and hot. Lingerie for couples can heighten the excitement in their love life. If you're such a couple who want to heat things up in the bedroom, then don't miss to check out the collection of His and Hers lingerie sets, which has got some exciting combination of couple lingerie.

For couples who would want to have an intimate time dressed up in a traditional way, the His &Her American Indian Costume Bra Panties 5 Piece Sexy Couple Set. Apart from the thongs and bras, accessories, such as an armlet for men and a head gear for women is also available in this tribal set.

Couples, who are simply bored of their usual style of romance, opt for lingerie for the role play of a doctor and a nurse. Get the His & Hers Doctor Nurse Thong Panties 3 Piece Sexy Couple Set, and enjoy enacting as a sexy doctor and an erotic nurse.

You need not go to the jungle to get into that wild mood. Just don the animal print couples lingerie, such as the His & Her Panty Thongs 3 Piece Leopard Animal Print Set and get ready for a wild night.

These electrifying sets of couples lingerie can be great as gifts for girlfriend as well as gifts for boyfriend and will ensure some gala time in your bedroom. This intimate apparel make great gifts for your soulmates. They are available in different types to cater to different moods of couples.

Lingerie Set: A Romantic Evening Set With the Right Mood

Sexy lingerie is one of the few items that people understand, regardless of the language they speak. A woman dressed in a sheer baby doll and high heels knows no boundaries as romance is on her mind and soon to be on his.

The old suggestion that a woman should greet her man in a negligee with a martini in her hand is perhaps relegated to the trash heap due to women's liberation or perhaps not. Being sexy, feeling frisky, or being hot for teacher are just a few of the ways of describing the attitude necessary for setting the mood for a romantic evening. Depending on the situation, appearing in sexy lingerie may be all it takes to get him in that romantic mood. Thanks to our imaginations there are many ways to set the mood and sexy lingerie is almost always a part of the equation.

Why do women drape themselves in sheer, see through, stretch to fit garments for the men in their lives? The answer is that sexy lingerie began as anything but sexy and has evolved over the centuries and is continuing to evolve. Bras have gone from a garment that simply supported a woman's breasts to a fashion article in sheer, lace, and delicate fabrics that match your panties. Girdles became shapers, control panties, and even garter belts, while chemises worn for many hundreds of years have evolved to skin tight, short mini dresses that are extremely comfortable to wear and be seen wearing. As a part of this evolution sexy lingerie is for romance as a pant suit, skirt, and blouse are for the board room.

Sexy lingerie is for intimate moments, such as sexy trysts at a hotel room or a romantic trip to the islands or Las Vegas. Sexy lingerie is what you think of at Valentine's Day, birthdays, and homecomings or reunions with your girlfriend or wife. Men buy lingerie for women to help rekindle a romance or just because they love seeing their partner nearly naked. Sexy lingerie is called sexy because often times sex is not far behind and as adults that is not only desirable it is necessary. Our lives are complicated, not simple, busy, and are rarely calm as often our senses want and need stimulation.

Many women jokingly say why buy sexy lingerie as it only stays on a minute and again why wrap a present if all you are going to do is tear the wrapping off anyway? Regardless of where you stand on the issue sexy lingerie is a large part of setting the mood for romance. This then begs the question do I need to purchase elaborate or expensive lingerie to set the mood? The answer is an unequivocal no and in fact often times less is more. The word lingerie means a lot of things to a lot of people with one of the fun parts being buying and wearing lingerie, which will help you discover what you and your partner like. Buy it just for yourself or have your partner in on the decision process, but most men do not particularly care what you select.

Lingerie Set: Sheer Lingerie - Choosing the Right Color For You

When women go shopping, the primary consideration is the question whether a chosen piece of clothing can highlight your best features and hide the parts of your body you don't like. When shopping for clothes, for example, women look for the design and style that will highlight assets such as overall body shape, body parts such as the breast area, hips, legs or thighs, as well as the color of their eyes and skin tone. Sometimes, women have to spend hours shopping just to buy one piece of clothing. To most women, spending many hours to have the perfect clothes is very well worth the time and energy.

The same scrutiny goes for choosing lingerie. When we buy lingerie for ourselves, or for the people we love, it is important to set aside time to choose the best styles and the perfect set. We would not want to spend our time and money on a piece of lingerie that does not do the beauty and sexy trick.

When shopping for lingerie, we have to consider its color. Sheer lingerie, for instance, is available in many different colors and hues. And they also come in different designs and materials. All these have to be considered when shopping for the best lingerie. In choosing the perfect color for you or someone you love, it is necessary to consider skin color and tone as well as eye color. Also, other factors such as mood and message must me considered when choosing the right sheer lingerie color.

First of all, in choosing your sheer lingerie color, the first thing to take note of is skin color and skin tone. If your skin is pale or white, then it is best to choose light and pastel colors for your lingerie. But if you are looking to have a more adventurous night, then it would not hurt to sometimes try the more daring and darker lingerie hues like red and black which can also highlight pale or white skin. If you have a darker skin color, then you can go bolder with darkly hued colors. Dark skin tends to blend in smoothly with dark colors, such as dark blue or green, yet also look striking in white sheer lingerie.

The next thing to consider when shopping for sheer lingerie is eye and hair color. Make sure that the lingerie set complements and highlights your sexy eyes. Choose a color that does not go against your eye color. Blue and purple lingerie will make blue eyes stand out, green lingerie will highlight green and hazel eyes, while black and metallic colors will make brown eyes stand out even more. Also, hair color is important in choosing the perfect lingerie. Make sure that hair color is not exactly the same as the lingerie color.

The great thing about sheer lingerie is the way you can experiment with it. The rules for choosing the right shade or color for your sheer lingerie are not set in stone. Have a little fun by experimenting. Try colors which you have never tried before to add more sizzle and excitement to your life!

Lingerie Set: There's Such a Thing As Transparent Lingerie

Everyone is familiar with lingerie. There's chiffon, satin, lace, sexy, short, and sheer. All these best describe that intimate apparel that drives men crazy whenever they see it being worn by their women. But transparent lingerie is something that bewilders the mind even by those who are very knowledgeable in the aspect of it.

It is something not often heard of, but is actually one of the most sought after intimate apparel at every major lingerie store there is. More often than not, when you say transparent lingerie one would also mean sheer or see through lingerie. Just a little play on words but guarantees you that they have the same sexy effect on just about any man who will see their significant others wearing something as sexy as transparent lingerie.

One good example of transparent lingerie that you can purchase would be the Low Rider Mesh Booty set. This lingerie set will definitely get you the attention that you want to achieve from your man if he has been ignoring your innuendos for the past several days. With the Low Rider Mesh Booty, you can play coy and use a bra underneath the top along with a thong for the booty. But that would sort of defeat the purpose of it being transparent don't you think?

Go all out sexy and forego the bra and thong for full measure of the whole set. The top can be tied in front and is adjustable depending on how much cleavage you want to your man to stare at. This set sells like pancakes for only $50 and comes in lavender. The Satin Lace Open Bust Teddy is for women who want to be a bit more daring or simply just want to make sure that their men give them their full attention for the night. This lingerie is more than just transparent, ladies.

Full bust exposure and an opening at the crotch for your man's easier access. This set comes with gloves and stockings if you want to do a little role playing first. It comes in red and black and is available for only $37.99! If you want something a little bit more feminine, try the Fishnet Bikini Skirt set transparent lingerie. The top has cute pink ribbons that tie at the front so you are able to adjust the amount of bust or cleavage exposure you want to entice your man with. The thong comes with a cute skirt that you make the whole lingerie set more feminine in appeal. This lingerie set comes in pink and black colors and is available in all sizes.

Whether it be sheer lingerie or transparent lingerie, the main idea here is that the intimate apparel that you want to purchase should be something that you will be comfortable wearing even without your guy telling you too. Remember that you are making that purchase for your own benefit and not someone else's, though of course, it would also be good if your guy got to benefit from it too from time to time

Lingerie Set: Tips For Choosing Honeymoon Lingerie Sets

Your honeymoon is a very special time in your life and the moment at which you want to feel truly beautiful. One of the things that can make you feel gorgeous and desirable is a great set of honeymoon lingerie. But since your honeymoon is unlike any other vacation, why not splurge and get a set of lingerie for each day of the trip? You will have your new husband literally drooling.

It is worth the investment to buy a set of lingerie for each day of your honeymoon. If each night you are surprising him with a hot, new underwear ensemble, he will be putty in your hands. There are so many different styles of underwear available these days that you will easily be able to find lingerie that suits your body type and turns you into a goddess before his eyes.

To keep things interesting, choose a few different styles of lingerie. There are many different brief styles that you can buy including g-strings, full briefs, Brazilian bottom, little boy leg, french knickers and more. When choosing a bra buy ones with under wires to be more supportive and give your bust some oomph and a flattering shape. Also go for some baby dolls and perhaps a suspender belt or corset - it takes an iron man to resist them.

Before you purchase your honeymoon lingerie spare a thought for the type of underwear that appeals to your husband. Some men go crazy for black lace, others love something pink and feminine. If you are unsure about what he likes, you can either buy a few different colors, styles and combinations or sneakily find out what he likes in conversation.

In addition to buying honeymoon lingerie that is going to knock his socks off, you should also choose underwear that you will be comfortable and feel good in. Don't buy all g-strings if you have never worn them and you hate your butt with a passion. If you do, you are likely to spend more time worrying about the size of your backside than enjoying the moment. Confidence is the biggest aphrodisiac so select lingerie that you feel you can pull off.

Sometimes some styles of underwear can seem a little complicated. If you are planning to wear a corset with a number of hooks and eyes or a suspender belt with clips, then you should really have a little practice of putting them on first. There is nothing more frustrating than struggling with clips while your husband is waiting impatiently in the bedroom for you.

When you go to buy your honeymoon lingerie, you should visit a lingerie store or department store where the sales assistants are properly trained to measure and fit you for a bra. An ill fitting bra does not say "va va voom". Any bra you buy should fit your cup size properly as well as your back size. If the bra rides up at the back, then it is definitely not for you.

Your honeymoon is one of the most memorable times of your life and with sexy honeymoon lingerie to see you through the duration of the trip you will certainly get the marriage off to a flying start. With a little thought and preparation you will choose styles that not only make your husband want you more than ever, but also make you feel like a goddess as well.

Lingerie Set: Womens-Interests Lingerie Meets Color Therapy

One benefit you'd probably never expect to get from your lingerie wardrobe is the healing effect from what's known as color therapy. Many alternative health practitioners who practice color therapy refer to it as a healing modality, or the collective methods that utilize color to positively affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. The theory is that color can restore balance to us, which is another way of defining healing.

To understand how the healing occurs, we have to understand that all color is some degree of vibrational light energy originating from the sun (except black which is the absence of light). While the common ways to practice color therapy may include, for example, crystals and colored bath treatments, you can experience an improvement in your mood by using any number of methods that have you focus on specific colors to achieve specific desired results associated with that colors vibration.

When we have unpleasant moods, the cause is an imbalance of our energy. Color therapy has been used to improve mood by helping to restore the balance of our energy. Energy is vibration; color is vibration. Where your energy lacks in one area, a simple focus on a specific color can help to correct the imbalance. For example:

Red speaks to the physical you. It is an empowering color and has the potential to boost your self-confidence and libido.

Orange speaks to the emotional you. Is the color of success. It encourages sociability and can inspire your charming side to come out. It can even help remove inhibitions.

Yellow speaks the mental you. It is the color of optimism. It can also stimulate focus, interest and curiosity.

Green connects you to universal love. It can help you reduce stress and create a sense of calm and balance.

Aqua-Turquoise speaks to the expressive you. It can bring out a feeling of loving affection. It can also aid in better sleep.

Cobalt Blue can help you see the big picture. It can improve your ability to make important decisions and help you clearly and effectively communicate.

Indigo can bring to the surface our female intuition. It provides us with an inner sense of clarity. It can also boost our sense of awareness as well as our imagination.

Lavender/ Violet empowers the spiritual you. It can help you get in touch with your inner beauty. It can also produce a calming effect by reducing excitement and irritation.

Magenta helps to balance emotions. It can offer a gentle, soothing effect.

Baker-Miller Pink (a shade of mauve/pink) has been shown to help suppress appetite (1979 study by Alexander G. Schauss, Ph.D.)

So, how can we take advantage of our lingerie wardrobe to benefit from color therapy?

Here are some specific recommendations, offered by fine lingerie expert Margaret Shrum, to try out. The key is to take the time to go somewhere alone and look at yourself in the full length mirror as you wear your chosen lingerie set. Rather then focus on how your hair or body looks, focus solely on how the color you are wearing makes you feel. Take the time to shift what you're normally accustomed to noticing and try to get deeply in touch with how your feeling on an emotional level. Even the change in habit of what you routinely pay attention to, when you're looking at yourself wearing lingerie in the mirror, should cause a sense of heightened awareness for you.

Your goal is to really focus on your vibrational energy of the moment. On it's own, it's a fantastic meditative exercise because placing awareness on yourself is very grounding and head-clearing. Once you feel like you've tapped into an awareness of your current emotional state, you should have an idea of the energy you'll need to balance yourself. Now you just match up the corresponding color, to the balancing feeling you've identified and set your focus on that color.

Here's a lingerie-specific example: if you feel anxious, you'll want to put on your lavender bamboo tank & matching lounge pants and begin to receive the calming effect of your focused attention on the lavender.

You might be amazed with the results you find when you get in tune with your emotions and then focus on the color of the piece you choose to adorn. Below are some recommendations to keep in mind the next time you go shopping for lingerie.

For a hot & sexy mood, slip into these garments:

* Deep Crimson Silk Camisole & Tap Pant

* Red Lace Corset with matching thong & sheer stockings

* Vibrant Orange Silk Robe

* Lemon Yellow Lace Bra & Pantie set

For a romantic mood, adorn yourself with these pieces:

* Pink Cotton Voille Gown

* Mauve Floral Print Cotton Robe

* Indigo Silk Kimono Robe

* Lavender Lace Bralet & Matching lace boyshorts

For a grounded mood, put on these items:

* Leaf Green Linen Lounge Robe

* Cobalt Blue Cotton Camisole & matching panties

* Passionate Violet Silk Chemise

* Magenta Lace Bra & Bikini

For a relaxed zen mood, try these choices:

* Turquoise Waffle Spa Robe

* Aqua Cotton Menswear Inspired Night Shirt

* Lavender terry thong slippers

* Violet Cotton Chemise

While the majority of women take a look at their boudoir wardrobes and see lots of black, white and nude, this article may shed some new light on the benefits of adding some color to your existing wardrobe. You may want to bring it up to your lingerie consultant. At the very least, placing your attention on how you feel when you're wearing lingerie and look at yourself in the mirror is a fantastic place to start every day and every night out.

lingerie Set: Get the Prefect Body to Fit Lingerie

The concept of lingerie has undergone a massive change. The function of lingerie in the yester years was to increase the sex appeal of the women. Little or no attention was paid to the comfort level. The current scenario, on the contrary, is completely different. Lingerie is now not only a matter of style, fashion and sex appeal but also a matter of comfort as well. Much attention is now being paid to the texture and fabric used in the manufacturing of these lingerie products.

Lingeries of good quality and style can be quite expensive. One has to keep a regular eye on the discounts and the clearance sales in order get hold of chap lingerie products related to ones taste and preference. Due to the global financial crunch, women from middle or upper middle class backgrounds are finding it extremely difficult to purchase the high priced lingerie.Unless one belongs to a top managerial position or holds a celebrity position, it is almost a matter of impossibility to possess lingerie at high rates. Nevertheless, one should be thankful to science and technology for providing us the world of Internet that can be accessed with a click of a mouse.

The online stores give a wide display of cheap lingerie products that one can lay ones hands on, after making a thorough research of the products without making an effort of hopping from one store to another. Along with other sexy clothing, these online stores specialize in sexy lingeries from push up brassiers, thongs and knickers, teddies, panties to camisoles, stockings and garters. The biggest advantage of these online stores is that apart from providing variety, they also excel in providing cheap lingerie in every possible size. Hence, one does not have to think about getting the perfect fit for the body as lingerie from all size from small to XL are available.

The importance of sexy clothing that includes wearing the perfect lingerie for the perfect occasion plays a vital part. Donning an expensive dress with ill fitted lingerie to go with it, under the garments can spoil or reduce the sexual appeal of the woman in question. Even in the perception of a man, a woman only attracts the male gaze when she appears in her complete womanly self. In order to get the shapes and the curves right, one needs to wear the appropriate set of lingerie to achieve the desired effect.

The concept of first impression being the last impression is depended largely on power dressing. This can only be achieved by making sure that the lingerie that one uses are the ones that enhance the femininity within the woman herself. The choice of the perfect piece of lingerie is also depended on the tone of the skin and the colour of the eyes. This is of special consideration when a woman is trying to portray her sensuous side during the intimate moments with the man of her choice. After all, a wrong piece of lingerie in those sensitive, passionate moments can actually spoil those precious moments of warmth and happiness.

Lingerie Set: Play it Bad With a Dirty Sheer Lingerie

Getting down and dirty can make that intimate game of love really exciting. Set the mood with steaming hot lingerie that will surely turn your man on. Get that body into a dirty sheer lingerie that will definitely make you feel sexy.

Make any occasion extra special by giving him a little something that he will always remember. Add an extra spice to that night be it your honeymoon, your anniversary, your partner's day, or any sexy celebration as you make yourself transform into a goddess of exotic romancing. Get that dirty sheer lingerie and make him want to do bad things with you. There are so many sexy lingeries to choose from and any pick that you make, as long as it gives your body a tempting cover that will get him excited about you, will surely make him think about you all the time.

Get to choose from a lot of seductive, kinky, wild, skimpy, hot and steaming see through lingeries in different shades and styles that will be the key to take control of his mind and make his fantasies go wild.

A see through fabric that is soft and stretchable will be a good type of material for that magic lingerie. Catch his eyes and get hold of his stare forever with a set that is adorned with lace that makes your body even more luscious. Have a panty that flatters your bottom while teasing him with an effect of peek-a-boo as you turn your back on him.

You can also choose to show off those curves by getting a combination of a thong, a corselet, and lingerie all rolled into one piece. Have the top hug your body as it gives you an elegantly sexy look. The top can have interesting details that are exquisite and exotic at the same time. That sexy thong to match will be perfect for that delightfully dirty night.

Get seductive with a set that makes you look really feminine. Have a top that allows for a freedom of exposing that cleavage while giving your body just a little coverage to tickle his senses. Look ready to play with a fishnet bikini set. Add that sheer skirt with interesting bow tie details to tease him with a little see through coverage.

Or you may choose to wet his appetite by putting on that bodice gown that has sexy spaghetti straps and transparent fabric made from smooth chiffon that dries really fast when it gets wet. The soft fabric that gives a partial view of the body is smooth to touch and nice to feel, giving it a sensual effects both to the lingerie and the one who wears it. Have it with a top that has embroidery or any attractive details to draw his attention to your bosom.

A dirty sheer lingerie will give him a sensual glimpse of your body, making it hard for him to resist you and even harder to keep himself from playing it bad and working it hard. So if you feel like a pretty little sex kitten for that nigh, get into that sexy, see through little thingy and make him want you so badly.a

Lingerie Set: Sexy Lingerie Sets

The very sound of the word lingerie brings out a sexy feminine image. There are diverse looks to lingerie which resemble a traditional look, a modern look, a classy look, a comfy look and especially a sexy and wild look.

Women's lingerie plays a very vital part of every woman's wardrobe. This is because it is a very intimate piece of clothing and its design as well as manufacturing is done with a lot of care and designing. In fact, sometimes so much thought is put into lingerie for women, that it becomes difficult to make the right choice. Innerwear for women is made from different materials like silk, nylon and chiffon which are available in different styles and sizes. Lingerie sets can be bought from departmental and lingerie stores, as well as many online lingerie stores, off the internet.

Leather lingerie is a very popular type of sexy innerwear for women. Other common types of women's lingerie like satin and lace are readily available. When buying sexy lingerie, it is very important to experiment with different styles and textures available in the market. There are different types of sexy lingerie available in the market today like corsets, brassieres, panties, thongs, pantyhose, stockings and teddy.

Lingerie is worn and adored by women all over the world. There is no reason why it should not be so extensively worn because good lingerie makes a woman look and feel sexy. Feeling depressed, fat or ugly is extremely common but to feel sexy is much more difficult for most women. This is where the role of lingerie comes in, as it has the ability to highlight the very best attributes of the woman who wears it. Whether you want to enhance your bus, or camouflage your waist, special types of lingerie will solve all your problems.

Different women have different feelings on how revealing their lingerie should be. There is no right or wrong answer but women should wear lingerie sets which make them feel comfortable and look sexy otherwise they will not be able to execute the sexy air of confidence. There are many different types of sexy lingerie sets which you can try to make you feel and look different.

Different styles of lingerie sets are available as well as different materials. Some examples of different sexy lingerie styles to choose include babydolls, corsets, thongs and bustiers. Matching panties or stockings paired with these form a sexy lingerie set, which will add grace to your figure.