Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lingerie Set: Womens-Interests Lingerie Meets Color Therapy

One benefit you'd probably never expect to get from your lingerie wardrobe is the healing effect from what's known as color therapy. Many alternative health practitioners who practice color therapy refer to it as a healing modality, or the collective methods that utilize color to positively affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. The theory is that color can restore balance to us, which is another way of defining healing.

To understand how the healing occurs, we have to understand that all color is some degree of vibrational light energy originating from the sun (except black which is the absence of light). While the common ways to practice color therapy may include, for example, crystals and colored bath treatments, you can experience an improvement in your mood by using any number of methods that have you focus on specific colors to achieve specific desired results associated with that colors vibration.

When we have unpleasant moods, the cause is an imbalance of our energy. Color therapy has been used to improve mood by helping to restore the balance of our energy. Energy is vibration; color is vibration. Where your energy lacks in one area, a simple focus on a specific color can help to correct the imbalance. For example:

Red speaks to the physical you. It is an empowering color and has the potential to boost your self-confidence and libido.

Orange speaks to the emotional you. Is the color of success. It encourages sociability and can inspire your charming side to come out. It can even help remove inhibitions.

Yellow speaks the mental you. It is the color of optimism. It can also stimulate focus, interest and curiosity.

Green connects you to universal love. It can help you reduce stress and create a sense of calm and balance.

Aqua-Turquoise speaks to the expressive you. It can bring out a feeling of loving affection. It can also aid in better sleep.

Cobalt Blue can help you see the big picture. It can improve your ability to make important decisions and help you clearly and effectively communicate.

Indigo can bring to the surface our female intuition. It provides us with an inner sense of clarity. It can also boost our sense of awareness as well as our imagination.

Lavender/ Violet empowers the spiritual you. It can help you get in touch with your inner beauty. It can also produce a calming effect by reducing excitement and irritation.

Magenta helps to balance emotions. It can offer a gentle, soothing effect.

Baker-Miller Pink (a shade of mauve/pink) has been shown to help suppress appetite (1979 study by Alexander G. Schauss, Ph.D.)

So, how can we take advantage of our lingerie wardrobe to benefit from color therapy?

Here are some specific recommendations, offered by fine lingerie expert Margaret Shrum, to try out. The key is to take the time to go somewhere alone and look at yourself in the full length mirror as you wear your chosen lingerie set. Rather then focus on how your hair or body looks, focus solely on how the color you are wearing makes you feel. Take the time to shift what you're normally accustomed to noticing and try to get deeply in touch with how your feeling on an emotional level. Even the change in habit of what you routinely pay attention to, when you're looking at yourself wearing lingerie in the mirror, should cause a sense of heightened awareness for you.

Your goal is to really focus on your vibrational energy of the moment. On it's own, it's a fantastic meditative exercise because placing awareness on yourself is very grounding and head-clearing. Once you feel like you've tapped into an awareness of your current emotional state, you should have an idea of the energy you'll need to balance yourself. Now you just match up the corresponding color, to the balancing feeling you've identified and set your focus on that color.

Here's a lingerie-specific example: if you feel anxious, you'll want to put on your lavender bamboo tank & matching lounge pants and begin to receive the calming effect of your focused attention on the lavender.

You might be amazed with the results you find when you get in tune with your emotions and then focus on the color of the piece you choose to adorn. Below are some recommendations to keep in mind the next time you go shopping for lingerie.

For a hot & sexy mood, slip into these garments:

* Deep Crimson Silk Camisole & Tap Pant

* Red Lace Corset with matching thong & sheer stockings

* Vibrant Orange Silk Robe

* Lemon Yellow Lace Bra & Pantie set

For a romantic mood, adorn yourself with these pieces:

* Pink Cotton Voille Gown

* Mauve Floral Print Cotton Robe

* Indigo Silk Kimono Robe

* Lavender Lace Bralet & Matching lace boyshorts

For a grounded mood, put on these items:

* Leaf Green Linen Lounge Robe

* Cobalt Blue Cotton Camisole & matching panties

* Passionate Violet Silk Chemise

* Magenta Lace Bra & Bikini

For a relaxed zen mood, try these choices:

* Turquoise Waffle Spa Robe

* Aqua Cotton Menswear Inspired Night Shirt

* Lavender terry thong slippers

* Violet Cotton Chemise

While the majority of women take a look at their boudoir wardrobes and see lots of black, white and nude, this article may shed some new light on the benefits of adding some color to your existing wardrobe. You may want to bring it up to your lingerie consultant. At the very least, placing your attention on how you feel when you're wearing lingerie and look at yourself in the mirror is a fantastic place to start every day and every night out.


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