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Lingerie Set: When to Measure For the Correct Nursing Bra Size

When you are trying to get the best nursing bra for your needs, it is important to understand how to get the correct nursing bra size. Sizing bras can be embarrassing, especially if you have never done it before. Thankfully, determining your correct size is not difficult and can be done either by yourself, or by a professional.

The best time to determine your nursing bra size.

It can be hard to know at what point in your pregnancy you should have get sized. As your milk comes in you may find that your bra size changes dramatically. The best bet is to be measured (or measure yourself) about a month before your due date and get just a few bras at that point. Then about a month after the baby arrives, go ahead and measure again to get a more accurate fit and order more bras at that time.

How to decide on the right nursing bra for you.

Finding the best bra for your personal needs doen't have to be difficult. Look at the bras that you wear now, and get one that is similar. If you love underwire, you will most likely love it when you are nursing. If you hate underwire, it probably will be the same when you are nursing. One thing you do want to do though is make sure that your new bra doesn't have any seems across the cups. This will make it much more comfortable. When choosing your bra, make sure that you go with what you like now and you should be good to go.

Lingerie Set: Nursing Bras - Do You Really Need Them?

Becoming a new mother can be quite overwhelming and you should become knowledgeable about the items you will need. Since nursing is surely an essential part of being a mother, it's very helpful to use a nursing bra that gives functionality and support during this important period. After all, breastfeeding is when the bond between the mother and baby can be most pronounced.

Nursing bras come in a huge selection and styles that can be substantially different from standard bras. They are very much recommended for new mothers as they offer you ease and comfort during feeding which in turn greatly enhances comfort. You might seem skeptical about the necessity of nursing bras, however once you try one, you'll quickly be sold.

During breast feeding, you should have accessibility to your breast without the necessity of removing your whole bra. Soft-cup and under-wire nursing bras permit just this. These are created with flaps that may be removed for feeding and then quickly reattached. They are very comfortable and offer the support necessary. Please note, however, that the under-wire varieties have met with some debate as the wire has been shown to impede milk production by blocking the duct. Therefore, it's most encouraged to get a soft-cup nursing bra for new moms.

Functionality is the key issue when choosing a bra, and you should not get overly worried about the visual. Luckily, however, there are plenty of stunning maternity bras that will make you feel sexy while still providing the important features. You'll want to ensure the proper fit, so taking chest measurements and checking out the many varieties will help you make the best purchase. If you browse online for these nursing bras, you'll be able to comparatively shop. In addition, you will have the ability to learn how other new moms liked an item, and this may help you choose which of the nursing bras is best for you!

Lingerie Set: Best Nursing Bra

Finding the best nursing bra can be a headache for many lactating mothers out there. The advantage is that there are many types of comfortable and easy to use bras whose selections depend on various factors that will guide the mothers.

The opening of the bra is one of the factors that should be considered. There are bras that contain a clasp at the front between the cups and are easy to open while others have zips below the cup and others are designed with a fastening at the shoulder strap. These types are easy to open and are more discreet. The mothers should ensure that the ones they choose expose the whole breast to avoid blocking the flow of milk to their young ones.

The best nursing bra should generally be easy to put on and quite simple to operate when nursing. The mothers should avoid purchasing them too early in their pregnancy as this will come with a wrong fit after the baby is born. They should seek the ones that fit them comfortably without any tightness.

The material they are made of should be of high quality and for night time use; they should ensure that they have the right support to avoid the breast falling out. Since the mothers will experience leaky breasts due to the production of a lot of milk, they should ensure that the material should be durable since it will require a lot of washing. The recommended types of fabric include cotton.

Lingerie Set: Types of Nursing Bras

Breastfeeding is one of the most intimate and important experience in every woman's life. All mothers should considered buying nursing bras when planning to breastfeed their babies so that both can enjoy a better and comfortable experience during nursing activities. Nursing bra is specially designed for nursing activities that provides extra support to the milk filled breasts and allows easy breastfeeding without the need of removing it.

It is important to know and understand the various types and styles of nursing bras that can help to make effective buying decision without overspending our maternity budget. The soft cup bra is the most popular choice among the mothers today as it provides superior comfort, convenience and good support to the breasts. This bra usually fits well as it is designed to be stretchy and springy. Besides, it is suitable to be worn by women with breast sensitivity as the soft cup does not digging into the breast tissue. This soft cup bra is perfectly suited for smaller breast woman as it gives adequate support to the busts without the need of underwire.

The underwire nursing bra is a good option for those who preferred and used to wear underwire bra before pregnancy. It provides excellent support to the fuller breasts. Therefore many larger breasted mothers prefer to wear this type of bra during nursing as it gives them much better comfort and support if they are wearing a well fitted one. However, it is advisable that women should not be sleeping in an underwire bra as it will compress the breast tissue in long hours. Besides, nursing moms should avoid wearing an ill fitted underwire bra as the underwire might compress pressure on the breast which can leads to blocking of milk ducts and caused breast infections or mastitis.

Basically mothers have the option to choose the nursing bras that equipped with or without flaps. Both are available either in soft cup bra or underwire bra. The nursing bra with flaps allows easy and convenient breastfeeding as the flaps can be unsnapped during nursing without having the need to undo the bra. The flaps are connected in the mid section between the 2 cups or located at the top of the cup which is near the shoulder. Always ensure that the flaps are opened easily and expose wide enough for the whole breast in order to nurse the baby easily.

Nursing bras without flaps are commonly made from softer fabrics so they can be pulled aside easily with one hand. It is designed to be pushed to one side or lifted up the busts easily without having to undo the whole bra. They are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. Some even wear it during nap time or simply choose to sleep in it at night. However, it does not provide adequate amount of support to the breasts as compared to other types of bras. This type of bras are only suited for those with smaller to medium size breasts. They are greatly affordably priced.

The seamless and padded nursing bras are good options to the modern type nursing moms. The seamless soft cup and underwire nursing bra is the popular choice among the working moms as they can wear their clothes comfortably without worrying to conceal their bras. These types of bras are perfect to be worn under low cut dress or evening gowns on special occasion which provides a smooth fitting to the body. The padded nursing bra can help to give good coverage to the perky nipples after nursing and it is best worn under a thin or stretchy tank top. These bras provide good support and fashion to all nursing moms without sacrificing the trendy and stylish clothing just because they are breastfeeding.

Today we can easily find a wide selection of nursing bras with different style and designs in the retail store or online store. The most important aspect is to choose a bra that is supportive, easily accessible and comfortable to wear while best fitting to our needs and lifestyles. The modern nursing mom can still looks fashionable, trendy and confident if the right type of nursing bra is worn in any occasions.

Lingerie Set: When You Should Buy Your Nursing Bras

Deciding to nurse is a great decision to make. Not only does it have amazing health benefits for your baby, but it can provide a great time to connect and form a bond with your newborn as well. When you are nursing for the first time there are always plenty of questions about what to do. Today we will look at when you should buy bras for nursing and how many you will need.

Many women want to get lots of nursing bras right away, but this is not always wise. Your size can change very quickly from before your baby is born until after. This is what I recommend.

Get measured a month before your baby is due.

You will need a few nursing bras right away. So you will want to get measured or measure yourself, a month or so before your baby is due and then order two or three nursing bras.

Get measured a month after your baby is born.

Often after your milk comes in your size changes dramatically. It is always a good idea to get measured a month or so after your baby is born to ensure a good fit. At that point you will want to purchase the rest of your nursing bras.

Be sure to buy quality.

Remember you will be wearing these bras for right around a year and you will want them to last and be comfortable as well. Quality is important. Buy the best you can afford and look online for the best buys.

Lingerie Set: The Lingerie Football League

The idea of mixing lingerie with the NFL Super Bowl produced the lingerie bowl, a marketing stunt designed to pull in viewers. Well, they're taking it to a new level. Yes, there is a lingerie football league and it starts play this coming September.

As you might imagine, the lingerie game is played slightly differently. Instead of 11 versus 11, the teams each have seven players on the field at any one time. Yes, the ladies do play in lingerie, although they really stick to brief. They also wear pads and helmets, so the effect isn't really what one would imagine. There are no women running around in corsets or anything like that.

The rules of the game are generally the same as most football games, but there are exceptions. No punting or field goals are allowed, which already makes this better than the NFL. The field is only 50 yards long, which is half as long as what you see in the NFL. Each half is only 15 minutes long as well.

The Lingerie Football League has 10 teams spread out across the country. In no particular order, they are:

  • Dallas Desire
  • San Diego Seduction
  • Seattle Mist
  • Los Angeles Temptation
  • Tampa Breeze
  • Atlanta Steam
  • Miami Caliente
  • Denver Dream
  • Chicago Bliss
  • New England Euphoria

So, is this just a joke? Well, it certainly seems like the idea of a marketing team somewhere. That being said, the teams are playing for real and the game is essentially the same thing you see in the Arena Football league. The players were helmets and play with pads, so it isn't a complete joke.

It goes without saying that the league certainly falls into the exploitation area of marketing similar to beer commercials and what have you. I am sure you can come up with your own opinions on that perspective, but I am more interested in another subject. Playing football in lingerie - doesn't that sound uncomfortable? These women are definitely not wearing sports bras. Running without a sports bra is bad enough, but tacking people as well? Ouch!

Lingerie Set: Flaunt What You've Got With Elegant Plus Size Lingerie

Once upon a time, the lady who was a little curvier, a little softer, a little larger than life was the ideal. Artists painted, sculpted and fawned over them. Women tried to be them. Of course, things changed and the shape of a woman as well as the favored body part has come in and out of vogue a billion times. Think of the southern belles who tormented and tortured themselves in the hopes of getting a teeny tiny waist, usually with boned corsets and the help of at least one other person who would lace them in. Listen girls, if it takes help and holding onto a bedpost to get into item of your clothing, is it really worth putting on? There are many elegant plus sized lingerie items to choose from that will not only be comfortable but will let you flaunt what you got so that you always look hot.

No matter what size of lingerie you are looking for, there are several types that you might be looking at, from basic and plain all the way to over the top and ultra fancy. There is trashy lingerie, the kind you get at bridal showers so that everyone can giggle and make rude comments. Then, there is the elegant plus sized lingerie that leaves you breathless with how beautiful it really is. There are subtle differences between what is elegant and what is not, including colors and fabric choices.

Elegant plus sized lingerie should be made with the finest materials. Soft silks that whisper over your curves like a lover's caress are a good choice. Delicate details like tiny seed pearls or well made lace are also keys to look for. Items that are meant as day wear or as a foundation piece should have lycra or spandex for stretch and performance and they should all have well made and well placed straps.

Although there are many color choices these days, your most elegant plus sized lingerie should stick to the more tasteful neutrals and skin flattering pastels. The bonus is that they can be worn under more clothing choices where as flashy red or trashy black may not be. A gorgeous cream colored negligee or other item may be worn not only for one romantic frolic but many, many times.

Finally, make sure that you care for your elegant plus sized lingerie properly so that it stays looking fresh and new. After all cream colored lingerie is one thing; white lingerie that has become cream colored is another altogether.

Lingerie Set: Awesome Tips For Choosing Plus Size Lingerie

Picking the perfect plus size lingerie can be very time-consuming and frustrating. In this useful article you'll discover some advice and resources so you can turn the situation around. Shopping for plus sized lingerie doesn't have to be that hard. In fact, it MUST be fun and make you happy. Just for your information, when I refer to shopping I mean online shopping and not your local retailer.

You must know some essential facts about plus size lingerie before you even think of buying the product. First and most important get the right fit. Carefully verify the size chart. You don't want to take wrong measurements and then be forced to return the lingerie because it doesn't fit. You'll end up paying more by returning it, because of the shipping costs and the restocking fees and most likely you'll be very frustrated.

Also, lingerie is one of the products that requires you to be in the "mood". If you're not in the mood, then forget it. You'll likely chose a product that you won't like. So, get in the mood and then start shopping!

There are many options available and countless online stores. Before you make a final decision of actually purchasing the plus lingerie item make sure you checked for the best deal. Visit multiple stores and compare prices, quality of the products and product range and after you've found the very best prices then buy. Another important detail: Check for the all-inclusive price, meaning the price plus shipping and plus any other costs.

From millions of plus size lingerie designs, pick the item that makes you happy and feel good about yourself. Being sexy is just a state of mind! Remember this because it is vitally important! Being sexy or not depends on what you think about yourself. Don't forget this.

And keep in mind...when you find a plus size lingerie piece that fits you perfectly and that you like, buy more than 1 and store them.

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Lingerie Set: Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

What is it about lingerie that gets us attracted? Is it the fabric, the feel, the seduction it brings in or the fact that it is considered sexy? Well I think it is a sweet amalgamation of all those factors mentioned above. It brings out your femininity and puts it on the spotlight. Lingerie is mainly purchased by women to look sexy and feel confident about their physical self and to work magic on the minds of their men. No matter how you look at the normal days but sexy lingerie does make you look not less than a sultry actress in the movies.

Lingerie is available in plenty in the fashion market around the world. You have a plethora of state-of-the-art patterns and designs along with incredibly smooth and silky fabric to add that extra zing to the comfort levels in wearing them. However, in this size savvy world where pictures of slender and slim models and actresses dominate the media emphasis is given to sexy clothing for the "perfect" trim bodied females rather than our voluptuous sisters. The lingerie in the plus size sections has limited choices. Women, no matter what size they are, need to look and feel confident about themselves. And when plus size women find it hard to find the right kind of lingerie in lingerie stores it is a sad situation.

Taking these problems into consideration there have been some newly launched websites that cater to the needs of our plus sized beauties. With the advent of the internet it is not difficult any more to get your hands on some exclusive lingerie types that are present in great numbers and sizes on these websites. Not many lingerie stores may have what you require and you feel a little let down when you do not get the freedom to choose the lingerie of your liking. On the other hand, sexy plus size lingerie available on the internet makes it extremely comfortable for you to purchase the sexiest lingerie without even a slight bit of embarrassment of buying them in public.

Plus size women lingerie are available in different forms like babydolls, leather lingerie, stockings, teddies, corsets, bustiers, camisoles, chemise sets, sleepwear and gowns, garter sets, thongs, panties and sexy bras. They are available in sizes that are well defined in these websites. They guide you through the various size definitions with the help of your vital statistics. These websites also have images of plus size models wearing the lingerie which gives you a fair idea of how you would look in them. You could also indulge yourselves into the kind of lingerie that forms a part of your fantasy. You would have no issues of shopping for the kinkiest of the lot when you are shopping online.

Lingerie Set: Stylish Plus Size Lingerie

Beautiful plus size lingerie has never been in such demand and as a result is now available almost everywhere.

So, where does one find full figured intimate apparel? Online shopping offers the the ultimate shopping adventure at dedicated stores like Hips and Curves and Freshpair that have a great variety in full figure lingerie.

Online shopping for the ideal full figure bras and ladies panties is quick and easy and will never again feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. As designers and manufacturers finally recognize the need for well designed distinctive intimate apparel, the future of full figure lingerie has never looked brighter.

With so many choices now, where does one begin? It is no longer about where to find beautiful exotic lingerie or lace bras because they are available just a click away. Now, YOU can purchase the intimate apparel that turns you into a lingerie diva.

Yummy Plus Size Bras

Choose plus size bras and panties in beautiful laces and sheer fabrics instead of a regular camisole tank top and loose shorts set. Do you know which brand of bras is best? Take a look at our list of popular full figure bras:

· Goddess bra

· Chantelle bras

· Champion sports bras

· Olga bras

Stylish plus size push up bras or demi bras are extremely popular for women who are looking for a brassiere with a little more panache. Shine in full figure bras with matching panties, bustier and corsets, or even exotic open lingerie.

Take pleasure in who you are and stock your lingerie drawer with beautiful lace bras and lingerie, like push up bras, bustiers and sexy corsets that enhance your natural assets. Celebrate who you are. Enjoy your figure and highlight your best features. Enhance the best features that you have.

When purchasing lingerie opt for the styles that give enough support. For example, full every day figure bras and push up bras should fit well all around and compliment your breasts. Do not buy anything that is uncomfortable no matter how tempting the brassiere. Comfort and good design are key.

Pretty Ladies Panties

As for womens panties, there is no need to default to granny panties. Lace boyshorts or plus size thongs are a great choice if you are looking for something more stylish, while sheer bikini panties are sexy with everything.

For every well dressed woman, sexy panties are just as important as a classic little black dress, red lipstick and pearl earrings. Whether dressing for herself or a romantic evening, the magic begins with sexy exotic lingerie.

Feeling sexy and desirable starts from within, and beautiful full figure lingerie is a great boost to your self confidence. Do not shy, and DO flaunt your curves. You know what confident women say - if you've got it, flaunt it!

Lingerie Set: Plus Size Lingerie - Getting the Facts

There are several things that you should understand about getting the best plus sized lingerie, not only for looks and value but for comfort and effectiveness as well. After all, if your lingerie is not helping you to look and feel the best that you can, why bother wearing it all?

First, you need to make sure that you are buying the right size. It has been talked about in the plus sized lingerie industry for years, but they have not come up with universal sizing yet. You should understand that the size that you typically buy in one brand may not be the same size that you will need in a differing brand. It is worthwhile to investigate the actual size that you need in each brand for the best look and feel.

Second, you need to make sure that the elastic content in the bra is high enough to give the fit and support that you need but not so high that it is painful. In addition, you should make sure that all of the elastic is covered with fabric. If you have ever pinched yourself with a rubber band, you will know what uncovered elastic might feel like. Plus sized lingerie should have solid elastic, but remain comfortable.

Third, make sure that you are looking for plus sized lingerie that has wide and fully adjustable straps as well. Narrow straps will not support your bosom and will only cause further pain. The straps should be padded for additional comfort as well.

Plus sized lingerie has blissfully expanded in both styles and color choices, so you can actually find beautiful, fashionable bras, panties and other items that not only fit well but make you feel sexy and womanly. You don't have to make do any longer with items that kind of fit, no more stuffing your breasts back into cups that are too small or dealing with the shoulder dents from straps that are too tight.

A final note about plus sized lingerie: when you find an item that you like really well with good fit, buy several because you will want to have extras on hand. In addition, if you find a good price online, sign up for a newsletter which can alert you to special sales or discontinued items.

Lingerie Set: Plus Size Lingerie - A Good Thing Isn't So Hard to Find

It's no longer that hard to find beautiful and sexy lingerie for full figured ladies. Underwear is an important part of any woman's wardrobe and so why then should it be different for full figured women. As a curvier woman, you now have many fabulous choices in lingerie. In fact it is probably the best time for fuller figured women to choose from a huge range of affordable plus size lingerie fashion. As full figured women shop for lingerie, they need to thin about their wardrobe needs. Are you looking for a particular erotic item or something more sort and romantic? Affordable plus size lingerie is available in just about every style you're looking for from silky nightwear to sexy corsets.

A curvier figure works to the advantage of a woman looking for plus size lingerie. For more voluptuous women with deep cleavage and hourglass waists, plus size lingerie is made to accentuate your positives and not hide them. If you are looking for stylish options for a fuller figure, then consider the advantage to purchasing lingerie for your curvier figure, which is that it is made specifically to support your curves. Your lingerie should not only flaunt but flatter your body.

Full figured women can often feel that there no choices for them in briefs except good old fashioned 'granny panties'. Well, you longer have to be limited to white full sized briefs. There are so many choices of wonderfully sexy lingerie briefs and thongs. You could pair a lovely sexy thong with your corset and find that your potential for after-hours fun increases greatly. Every woman needs sexy panties in her lingerie drawer and more voluptuous women are definitely no exception. There is now such a wide selection of styles and colors available to full figured women.

Affordable plus size lingerie is now more available then ever, so don't stuff yourself into lingerie that's not appropriate for your voluptuous figure, look around and you'll find that you can find just about any item of lingerie you desire in your size. The big plus is the same as in other aspects you have as a woman - more curves, more cleavage and now more choice! The world of affordable lingerie for fuller figured women has come a long way and now the choices are endless.

Lingerie Set: New Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

When thinking of lingerie most people tend to picture the average rail thin super model posing in "barely there" fabric, with bedroom eyes, and a sexy smile. This is all good, but what about those of us who do not fit the "cookie cutter" mold and may not fit into those teeny, tiny outfits? Have you ever heard the term, "bigger is better?" Before the turn of the century, women desired to be "full figured." Voluptuous was the body style of choice. If a woman was too thin she was considered sickly and unable to bare children. Men sought after much of the same things they do today (pretty face, large breasts) with one exception, they looked for wider hips! They look for a full figure to accompany those size D knockers. Plus size lingerie is here to help.

Who says big is no longer beautiful? Who says that just because you have the body of a Victorian Goddess you cannot look sexy in the bedroom? No one does or at least they shouldn't. No one can tell you that your body style/figure determines your location on the "sex-o-meter." Self-confidence is the name of the game. In order to boast the self-confidence of the more voluptuous woman, plus size lingerie has become more and more in demand. Thanks to this development, no matter how voluptuous your body may be, sexy bedroom lingerie is now available in all shapes and sizes, just like the women it is intended for. There is no "perfect size, there is no "standard" size. All women are created differently, and it is these differences that set us apart. Do not be afraid to purchase plus size lingerie, do not feel ashamed to purchase something designed to fit your body and accentuate your curves.

Babydolls, bustiers, camisoles, chemises, corsets, and robes, stockings, panties, sexy party costumes, whatever your heart desires can now be found in plus size lingerie collections. Your personal style does not make any difference, you are guaranteed to find something to make you look, and even better, feel sexy in your own skin. It is not bad if you cause your partners eyes to bug out of their head in the process.

A Plus Size lingerie is created for people who do not have society's idea of the perfect figure feel those most desired and sought after feelings of want from another person. All women feel more empowered and sexy when they are able to slip into a "little outfit" and cause their partner to give them the "come hither" look from across the room. So, ladies, throw out those old granny panties, burn those moo-moos and invest in something more instructive, in something more sensual, in something more desirable and sexy. Invest in some plus sized lingerie.

Lingerie Set: Sexy Baby Doll Lingerie For Women of All Size

Gone are the days when sexy lingerie was only meant for women with trimmed and well shaped body. No matter what your size is, you are sure to get sexy baby doll lingerie that makes you look stunning.

Size does not matter

Does your size discourage you to wear and feel good in sexy clothing that you have always wished to wear? Do you feel embarrassed when none of the sexy dresses in the market fit your size or make you look attractive? Are you reluctant in wearing sexy baby doll lingerie because of your size? Open up and set yourself free from all these restraints. There are a lot of stores in local markets and online that offer lingerie for women of all shapes and size.

Sexy baby doll lingerie online

If you are reluctant to go to a local store and pick up lingerie of your choice, internet has a solution for you. There are a plethora of online stores that provide lingerie in various colors, fabrics, and designs. These stores have lingerie for women of all size including plus size. So, now you can get your dream baby doll lingerie online without any hassles of going to the market. All you have to do is to select lingerie from the collection uploaded by the websites and buy one for yourself.

Select the color and shapes carefully

If you want your baby doll lingerie to enhance your looks, make sure that you select the shape and color of your lingerie carefully. Lighter hues make you look fresh and fair. So, if you have a dark complexion, try to go in for light colors such as white or light pink. It's a golden rule that black makes you look slimmer. So, if you do not have a very slender body, try to go in for black lingerie. Make sure that you select the cup size of your bra correctly.

Lingerie Set: Plus Size Lingerie - A Guide to Buying the Best

Buying plus size lingerie can be a little annoying if you don't know what your looking for. There are several things that you should look at when choosing your lingerie to make sure you get the best fit and style to suit your body. Here are some tips for getting the best:


Plus sized lingerie is meant to lift, separate and hold in everything that nature has given you, but you cannot expect it to do so with teensy, tiny straps. First of all, narrow straps are not comfortable, in fact, the thinner the strap, the more they will dig into your shoulders. For the most comfort, aim for a slightly wider strap- a gel filled strap is even more comfortable and can stop you from having to deal with the welts and painful areas that other straps leave on you. For more comfort, make sure that you have adjusted your straps for the proper fit and you will have less of the painful strap dig as well.


Plus sized lingerie that is not properly fitted to your body will not be comfortable at all- and it will not look right under your clothes, or without them for that matter. If you are stuffing stuff back into a bra cup, or your cup looks like a melted cup of ice on a summer day, you have the wrong size. Your bra should fit you around the rib cage as well as in the cups.

Panties and Bottoms

There is nothing worse than panties that dig into your body- think about it, if you have more than two cheeks in the backyard, then your panties are too small. Plus sized lingerie should fit comfortably and correctly. You should also use your body shape as a guide to the type of undergarments that you are wearing. For instance, if you are a pear shape, you will need panties that accommodate your hips while apple shapes need panties that will sit under the belly. Ladies, there is nothing worse than pulling your panties up over your tummy, especially if you are an apple- if you have an elastic band under your chin, they do not fit correctly. (Oh, and if I see that, I will snap that sucker and giggle like a fiend. You were warned, my Golden Delicious.)

Lingerie Set: Plus Size Fantasy Lingerie & Costumes

So, you are in the market for fantasy lingerie or costumes. There are so many places to search that it is hard to decide where to start. The beauty is that basically if you can think of a costume it is out there or at least some variation of the outfit is out there. Whereas it used to be something that people searched for or bought in secret, there are now companies and websites available that actually cater to this type of lingerie. If you are searching for plus size fantasy lingerie and costumes you will be pleasantly surprised to find the wide range of items that you have to choose from as well.

I remember the first time that I began looking for plus size fantasy lingerie and costumes to sell in my store. It was a lingerie store geared towards plus size girls and I felt like this was something we were missing. I wanted to be tasteful and not go too far out there because it wasn't specifically something that my customers were coming to me to ask about on a regular basis, so I bought a few items and put them in the back of the store. No joke, that first batch of 20 plus size fantasy lingerie & costumes was gone within a week. I began to take orders and learned more about how to find what customers were seeking.

I learned a few things about choosing plus size fantasy lingerie and costumes when I ran the store, and I thought I would pass them on to you. First of all, you can either search online or in stores. However, you are likely to find many more options to choose from online as there are websites that are specifically geared towards plus size fantasy lingerie and costumes, and you can easily navigate them to find exactly what you are looking for. You do have to keep in mind that these websites will have a variety of costumes and some might be far from what you want but that also means that what you want is far from what someone else may want and that is why they carry so many items. In other words, don't be shocked about what you might see and keep an open mind.

If you are ordering plus size fantasy lingerie and costumes online, be sure to read all of the important information on the website such as size charts and return policies. Most lingerie websites will have sizing information that tells you how to be able to decide what size to order. This may vary from site to site as some brands might run larger or smaller. Take the time to measure yourself the way they suggest to help make your order accurate. On the off chance that you don't like what you order, make sure they have a good return policy.

If you can't find any plus size fantasy lingerie and costumes that you like online or in a store, consider making your own. You can find patterns and costume ideas online. Often you don't know how to sew as you can buy basic lingerie and add accessories and items to turn it into a costume.

Lingerie Set: Plus Size Lingerie Buying Tips For Men

There is nothing sweeter than when a man wants to buy his wife or special girl a piece of plus size lingerie. It's such a wonderful thought. Don't let the task of picking out that perfect piece of plus size lingerie scare you away from making that purchase. There are a few factors to consider before jumping in and making that purchase. You don't want to start shopping until you've collected a few key pieces of information about your significant other.

The most important piece of information you will need, is knowing what size to buy. Don't worry if you have no idea what size your special girl wears. Most men have no clue about women's clothing sizes or what size their wife or girlfriend wears or buys. The best way to find out what size of plus size lingerie to buy your girl is to just simply ask her what size she wears. If this seems out of the question, or you want to make the gift as much of a surprise as possible, there is a trick to finding out what size to buy. Take a peek inside her lingerie drawer. Look at the size tags in her panties, bras, and nighties and makes notes of these sizes. Also, check out the size tags in her tops, pants, and dresses. Now that you have an idea of size you need to get, the next step is finding that perfect piece of plus size lingerie that you and her will both enjoy.

Sometimes men are uncomfortable when going into a store and buying women's lingerie. That's why buying online is the perfect choice for you. There are many reputable plus size lingerie stores online that will offer a wide variety of plus size lingerie choices for you to choose from. When deciding what type of lingerie to buy your favorite girl, you must think about what styles you like as well as what styles your girl will like. If you buy your girl an outfit she is not comfortable wearing, she will not have as much confidence when wearing the outfit. You don't want your special gift to be tucked away in the back of her lingerie drawer never to see the light of day.

There are many different types of lingerie to choose from.

Babydolls- A short, flowing empire nightie, usually with a matching panty bottom.

Chemise- A slip or slip type gown that hangs straight. Usually does not have a matching panty.

Teddies- Combining a tap pant and cami to get a one piece outfit. Teddies can be flowing or fitted, stretchy or slinky, with or without underwires, full coverage or thong-back.

Gowns- A long nightgown is a bias-cut gown that is slip-like but intended for sleeping and lounging.

Pegnoirs- A long nightgown with a matching coat or robe.

Bustier/Corsets- An often strapless, fitted one-piece bodice that extends from bust to waist or hip, worn to support and sustain a given shape. Usually stiffened with flexible metal or plastic boning and closed in the front or back with hook-and-eyes or lacing.

Lingerie can be made from a variety of different fabrics as well. Some stretch and some do not. Stretch satin, lace, mesh, nylon, knit, and velvets usually have stretch to them and can be more forgiving when it comes to fit. They will stretch when worn so you could be a little less accurate on the size if you choose a piece of plus size lingerie that is made from a stretchy fabric. Satin charmeause, silks, chiffons, georgettes, clipped chiffons, and satin jacquard fabrics usually do not have much if any stretch to them. If purchasing a piece of plus size lingerie in one of these fabrics you'll want to make sure you are more accurate on the sizing.

Take your clues from your special girl. Pay attention to her current collection of lingerie and try not to stray too far from what she's used to wearing. If your girl wears a lot of long night gowns, try buying a special long gown in a soft satiny fabric. This will let her have an extra special gift from you, while still giving her something within her comfort zone.

Once you break the ice with your first special gift of plus size lingerie, you can both discuss what piece of plus size lingerie you might like to try next. When you get an idea of some of the styles she would be willing to try, you can use that as a guide when purchasing your next piece.