Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lingerie Set: Flaunt What You've Got With Elegant Plus Size Lingerie

Once upon a time, the lady who was a little curvier, a little softer, a little larger than life was the ideal. Artists painted, sculpted and fawned over them. Women tried to be them. Of course, things changed and the shape of a woman as well as the favored body part has come in and out of vogue a billion times. Think of the southern belles who tormented and tortured themselves in the hopes of getting a teeny tiny waist, usually with boned corsets and the help of at least one other person who would lace them in. Listen girls, if it takes help and holding onto a bedpost to get into item of your clothing, is it really worth putting on? There are many elegant plus sized lingerie items to choose from that will not only be comfortable but will let you flaunt what you got so that you always look hot.

No matter what size of lingerie you are looking for, there are several types that you might be looking at, from basic and plain all the way to over the top and ultra fancy. There is trashy lingerie, the kind you get at bridal showers so that everyone can giggle and make rude comments. Then, there is the elegant plus sized lingerie that leaves you breathless with how beautiful it really is. There are subtle differences between what is elegant and what is not, including colors and fabric choices.

Elegant plus sized lingerie should be made with the finest materials. Soft silks that whisper over your curves like a lover's caress are a good choice. Delicate details like tiny seed pearls or well made lace are also keys to look for. Items that are meant as day wear or as a foundation piece should have lycra or spandex for stretch and performance and they should all have well made and well placed straps.

Although there are many color choices these days, your most elegant plus sized lingerie should stick to the more tasteful neutrals and skin flattering pastels. The bonus is that they can be worn under more clothing choices where as flashy red or trashy black may not be. A gorgeous cream colored negligee or other item may be worn not only for one romantic frolic but many, many times.

Finally, make sure that you care for your elegant plus sized lingerie properly so that it stays looking fresh and new. After all cream colored lingerie is one thing; white lingerie that has become cream colored is another altogether.


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