Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lingerie Set: Types of Nursing Bras

Breastfeeding is one of the most intimate and important experience in every woman's life. All mothers should considered buying nursing bras when planning to breastfeed their babies so that both can enjoy a better and comfortable experience during nursing activities. Nursing bra is specially designed for nursing activities that provides extra support to the milk filled breasts and allows easy breastfeeding without the need of removing it.

It is important to know and understand the various types and styles of nursing bras that can help to make effective buying decision without overspending our maternity budget. The soft cup bra is the most popular choice among the mothers today as it provides superior comfort, convenience and good support to the breasts. This bra usually fits well as it is designed to be stretchy and springy. Besides, it is suitable to be worn by women with breast sensitivity as the soft cup does not digging into the breast tissue. This soft cup bra is perfectly suited for smaller breast woman as it gives adequate support to the busts without the need of underwire.

The underwire nursing bra is a good option for those who preferred and used to wear underwire bra before pregnancy. It provides excellent support to the fuller breasts. Therefore many larger breasted mothers prefer to wear this type of bra during nursing as it gives them much better comfort and support if they are wearing a well fitted one. However, it is advisable that women should not be sleeping in an underwire bra as it will compress the breast tissue in long hours. Besides, nursing moms should avoid wearing an ill fitted underwire bra as the underwire might compress pressure on the breast which can leads to blocking of milk ducts and caused breast infections or mastitis.

Basically mothers have the option to choose the nursing bras that equipped with or without flaps. Both are available either in soft cup bra or underwire bra. The nursing bra with flaps allows easy and convenient breastfeeding as the flaps can be unsnapped during nursing without having the need to undo the bra. The flaps are connected in the mid section between the 2 cups or located at the top of the cup which is near the shoulder. Always ensure that the flaps are opened easily and expose wide enough for the whole breast in order to nurse the baby easily.

Nursing bras without flaps are commonly made from softer fabrics so they can be pulled aside easily with one hand. It is designed to be pushed to one side or lifted up the busts easily without having to undo the whole bra. They are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. Some even wear it during nap time or simply choose to sleep in it at night. However, it does not provide adequate amount of support to the breasts as compared to other types of bras. This type of bras are only suited for those with smaller to medium size breasts. They are greatly affordably priced.

The seamless and padded nursing bras are good options to the modern type nursing moms. The seamless soft cup and underwire nursing bra is the popular choice among the working moms as they can wear their clothes comfortably without worrying to conceal their bras. These types of bras are perfect to be worn under low cut dress or evening gowns on special occasion which provides a smooth fitting to the body. The padded nursing bra can help to give good coverage to the perky nipples after nursing and it is best worn under a thin or stretchy tank top. These bras provide good support and fashion to all nursing moms without sacrificing the trendy and stylish clothing just because they are breastfeeding.

Today we can easily find a wide selection of nursing bras with different style and designs in the retail store or online store. The most important aspect is to choose a bra that is supportive, easily accessible and comfortable to wear while best fitting to our needs and lifestyles. The modern nursing mom can still looks fashionable, trendy and confident if the right type of nursing bra is worn in any occasions.


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