Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lingerie Set: When You Should Buy Your Nursing Bras

Deciding to nurse is a great decision to make. Not only does it have amazing health benefits for your baby, but it can provide a great time to connect and form a bond with your newborn as well. When you are nursing for the first time there are always plenty of questions about what to do. Today we will look at when you should buy bras for nursing and how many you will need.

Many women want to get lots of nursing bras right away, but this is not always wise. Your size can change very quickly from before your baby is born until after. This is what I recommend.

Get measured a month before your baby is due.

You will need a few nursing bras right away. So you will want to get measured or measure yourself, a month or so before your baby is due and then order two or three nursing bras.

Get measured a month after your baby is born.

Often after your milk comes in your size changes dramatically. It is always a good idea to get measured a month or so after your baby is born to ensure a good fit. At that point you will want to purchase the rest of your nursing bras.

Be sure to buy quality.

Remember you will be wearing these bras for right around a year and you will want them to last and be comfortable as well. Quality is important. Buy the best you can afford and look online for the best buys.