Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lingerie Set: An Introduction to Sexy Things - Lingerie

Lingerie is an item that looks good on every woman, no matter her shape, size or proportions. Slipping on lingerie seems to help women exude a sensual state of being, and therefore should be a staple in every woman's wardrobe. There are many different types of lingerie but the basics are a nice bra or shirt and underwear set. A nice set that every woman can have is a nice black lace matching set. A matching bra set is already something that every woman needs and is also universally flattering.

Matching bra sets are the item that a woman should ad to her drawer before anything else. Not only are these lingerie pieces to use for show, but they can be for everyday use as well. Matching bra sets are not only sexy but can help a woman feel at her best even under sweat pants. Don't believe me? Try it once.

Corsets are also a good lingerie item to add to the wardrobe. Corsets help to lift the bust area while tightening around the mid section, creating the ever elusive large bust and slim waste. Sexy corsets can help shape the figure of women who are midriff heavy or have a large midsection. Longer corsets that reach the top of the underwear can disguise and belly while giving your body a very feminine and curvy shape.

Teddies are a great idea for every woman no matter the shape, as teddies vary greatly. For a girl who wants to show off her shape a teddy that has elasticity and hugs the body is a good choice. For girls who want a little more coverage but still a sensual look, a silk or satin teddy with spaghetti straps and a looser fit will be the best option.

Most women neglect to think about robes when talking about lingerie, but in reality, robes are a subtle sexy piece that can be used quickly and without and squeezing into. Some good alternatives to the traditional robe are short silk robes. They hang on the body better and simply give your body an aura of sensuality. An overlooked crowd favorite is also the robe with the sheer back. The back is often on of a woman's most flattering and delicate points. The curve and dip of the back being accentuated in a silk robe with a sheer back is sure to be an awesome look.

Lingerie does not only consist of body pieces but also of garter belts, thigh highs, and makeup to go along with the play.


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