Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lingerie Set: A Romantic Evening Set With the Right Mood

Sexy lingerie is one of the few items that people understand, regardless of the language they speak. A woman dressed in a sheer baby doll and high heels knows no boundaries as romance is on her mind and soon to be on his.

The old suggestion that a woman should greet her man in a negligee with a martini in her hand is perhaps relegated to the trash heap due to women's liberation or perhaps not. Being sexy, feeling frisky, or being hot for teacher are just a few of the ways of describing the attitude necessary for setting the mood for a romantic evening. Depending on the situation, appearing in sexy lingerie may be all it takes to get him in that romantic mood. Thanks to our imaginations there are many ways to set the mood and sexy lingerie is almost always a part of the equation.

Why do women drape themselves in sheer, see through, stretch to fit garments for the men in their lives? The answer is that sexy lingerie began as anything but sexy and has evolved over the centuries and is continuing to evolve. Bras have gone from a garment that simply supported a woman's breasts to a fashion article in sheer, lace, and delicate fabrics that match your panties. Girdles became shapers, control panties, and even garter belts, while chemises worn for many hundreds of years have evolved to skin tight, short mini dresses that are extremely comfortable to wear and be seen wearing. As a part of this evolution sexy lingerie is for romance as a pant suit, skirt, and blouse are for the board room.

Sexy lingerie is for intimate moments, such as sexy trysts at a hotel room or a romantic trip to the islands or Las Vegas. Sexy lingerie is what you think of at Valentine's Day, birthdays, and homecomings or reunions with your girlfriend or wife. Men buy lingerie for women to help rekindle a romance or just because they love seeing their partner nearly naked. Sexy lingerie is called sexy because often times sex is not far behind and as adults that is not only desirable it is necessary. Our lives are complicated, not simple, busy, and are rarely calm as often our senses want and need stimulation.

Many women jokingly say why buy sexy lingerie as it only stays on a minute and again why wrap a present if all you are going to do is tear the wrapping off anyway? Regardless of where you stand on the issue sexy lingerie is a large part of setting the mood for romance. This then begs the question do I need to purchase elaborate or expensive lingerie to set the mood? The answer is an unequivocal no and in fact often times less is more. The word lingerie means a lot of things to a lot of people with one of the fun parts being buying and wearing lingerie, which will help you discover what you and your partner like. Buy it just for yourself or have your partner in on the decision process, but most men do not particularly care what you select.


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