Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lingerie Set: How to Unleash Your Inner Huntress With Camo Lingerie

Lingerie Set

Do you long for romance? Searching for a way to add sparks to your sex life? With camo lingerie, you can bring out your own tigress in the bedroom, and entice your hunter in ways he never imagined.

Read on for ways to heat up those summer nights with camo lingerie.

Seduction begins in the mind

To find the best camo lingerie, first consult your self image. Are you bashful or proud of your body? Are you the exhibitionist showing daring cleavage, or a lady of the shadows, preferring the more subtle arts of seduction?

If bold is your style, consider a Naked North pink camo bra and panty lingerie set in hot pink. Or a Mossy Oak thong panty set that shows off your best assets.

For a slow burn, find a sexy camo lingerie set that sets you free: a camisole and panty set, sheer "Wilderness Dreams" robe, flattering boy shorts, or baby doll set.

Some women consider lingerie like their costume: you can indulge your wild side, and feel more free than usual.

Your Body

Sometimes body issues can block your true passion. You may want to hide your beautiful body instead of showing it off. Don't fall into this trap! There are camo lingerie patterns for every body type.

Hiding your legs? Choose a sheer nightgown from Wilderness Dreams. Feeling daring? Camo baby dolls show a lot more leg and bust. These are also useful for hiding your tummy, while still showing plenty of leg.

You can save money by looking for camo lingerie sets and avoid the hassle of trying to put a new outfit together by matching separate pieces. With lingerie starting at $10, you can stretch your budget.

Petite women: Go with a camo lingerie piece like the Mossy Oak nightgown or Wilderness Dreams robe. Longer lines and slits will draw your lover's eyes and will make you seem much taller than you are.

Athletic women: Camo boy shorts are made for you! This is actually the case for most women who have a nice butt -- regardless of their athletic prowess. Don't be afraid to go topless, or you can play the tease by adding a camo bra or Wilderness Dreams robe for a tantalizing reveal.

Plus-size women: If you are full-figured or overweight, you have many of the same options as women who wear smaller sizes.

One-piece sets such as the nightgown or Wilderness Dreams robe work well. Baby dolls can help hide a tummy while showing off your legs. Choose dark, rich colors for an added effect.

Making it work for you

If you're afraid to make the leap from Timid Tammy to Wildcat Wendy, choose two pieces of camo lingerie, one modest, one daring. You can make a last-minute switch based on the mood.

Remember, lingerie is all about having fun, and adding a bit of sizzle to your sex life. Dress to wow your partner, but pick something you'll be comfortable with as well.

Play up your best features. There are plenty of easy, comfortable camo lingerie fashions you can wear without putting it all on display.


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