Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lingerie Set: Different Lingerie Styles For Different Kinds of Women

Lingerie Set

When shopping for lingerie, we already know that getting the right fit is important. Lately we have been made aware that getting professionally measured for our bras can improve the way we look and feel. But it's important to have the underwear that not only flatters your figure but also matches your personality. Wearing the lingerie that complements both your fashion statement and your vibe will further make you feel better about yourself.

With the wide variety of lingerie styles, it's not that hard to figure out what item shows your character. Here are some examples:

If you're the casual type, you'd probably be wearing a t-shirt bra. Ladies like you would feel comfortable in just tees - and you're most likely to opt for bras with seamless cups that give you support and shaping underneath. And because you're matching your shirts with a cool pair of jeans, a low rise panty is a great complement.

For the laid-back lady, lingerie that offers ultimate comfort is a must. Soft cup bras are perfect for these relaxing moments. They still give the same support your breasts need but without any underwires sewn into the cups. Panties made of cotton also add to the comfortable feeling as you sit back and chill out during the day.

If you're the athletic woman, you'll need all the support you can get. Sports bras are a must in your wardrobe. Unlike other bras, sports bras are made specifically to support your active lifestyle. They control the bounce or the movement of your breasts so you won't experience tissue damage. What's more, most sports bras have moisture-wicking abilities so you stay comfortable even if you sweat it out.

Feeling sexy today? Match your hot outfit with a plunge bra that emphasizes your cleavage. Or wear a push up bra for maximum lift. A demi cup bra is also a good choice if you want to show more chest yet still look elegant. Wearing a skirt that hugs your body tight? How about some thongs or g-strings - they assure you of a no visible panty line look. Of course you can also wear some seamless panties that give the same no-VPL look. They may offer more coverage but let's admit it, hiding more skin often makes it more teasing.

But if you're not feeling that daring and would just want to be sugary sweet, a lace bra would be a great pick. It's not as revealing but still offers a feeling of daintiness. Match it with a pretty lace panty to complete the set.

Whatever your personality, you're sure to find a lingerie item or set that complements you. Lingerie manufacturers know that women have different preferences, qualities and moods. That's why they create a myriad of styles that showcase each woman's individuality. From petite to plus size, you're sure to find the underwear that reflects who you are.


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