Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lingerie Set: Bridal Lingerie - The Importance of What Goes Under Your Gown

Lingerie Set

Getting married means months and months of planning to make sure everything goes smoothly. You have the dress, the photographer, the room, the DJ, and the flowers all picked out, but do you have the lingerie? Thats right, picking out lingerie for your big day is just as important as your other marital planning obligations. The right lingerie will ensure that no one sees in on your during your wedding and that your husband will love the way it looks afterwards.

Where do you start you ask? Shopping for wedding lingerie isn't as simple as running to your favorite store and picking out any bra and panty set. It takes a lot more time and consideration. Don't let what you wear under your dress ruin your wedding day. When choosing wedding day lingerie it's good to break it down into three important categories: comfort, support, and appearance. If you use these three concepts as guides you will be able to find the perfect undergarments for your personal needs.

1. Comfort: It's extremely important to stay comfortable on your wedding day. An uncomfortable bride can turn into an unhappy bride an thats the last thing you want to do.
  • Stay away from under-wire: Granted, for many under-wire is a life saver, but for brides to be it only increases the chances of discomfort. If you absolutely need to have under-wire, never settle for any bra, basque, or corset that doesn't fit perfectly. Anything less than perfect will be painful and will leave you with red, irritated, and most likely strange looking skin indentations that won't be so sex for your after reception marital bliss.
  • Basques or torsolettes offer the most comfort: These are more or less extended corsets that offer a slimming effect for your tummy (This means you won't feel the need to "suck it in" all day), as well as garters to hold up thigh highs.
  • Choose thigh highs instead of pantyhose: Not only are pantyhose impractical when you need to use the lady's room, but they will leave you adjusting, pulling, and contorting to get just a little bit of comfort.
  • Avoid shape wear: Sure, shape wear is a great way to smooth out flawed areas, but it's completely unnecessary in the light of lingerie pieces like basques, and corsets. Shape wear can leave your skin irritated after a day of non stop action and sweating. In most cases no one but you husband (who has seen them before) will see your legs, and any issues with your tummy can be addressed with the aforementioned lingerie pieces so forgo those shaping yet dreadful undergarments.
2. Appearance: No matter how beautiful your dress is, the wrong lingerie can ruin your entire look. You definitely will want to be extremely choosy when finding the right undergarments
  • Choose form flattering pieces: When you choose your lingerie look for pieces that offer invisible support. That simply means you want to stay away from anything that uses wires or bulky materials that will show through your wedding gown. Some solid support is needed, but you will want something that has support that won't leave bumps and lines in your wedding dress.
  • Stay away from extra ornate lingerie: Extra ornate lingerie can be extremely sexy for your honeymoon, but it will be the exact opposite worn at your ceremony or reception. Anything that is embroidered or extremely lacey will effect the way your wedding dress lays on your body. Ultimately, if you have a sheer wedding dress, ever bit of lace, sequence, embroidery or other ornate decoration will be seen.
  • Stay away from bold colors: A bright red corset is sexy, but under a white wedding gown it can look extremely trashy. Many women combat this advice with a simple "...but my wedding dress is thick enough to keep my undergarments invisible." Unfortunately, while some dresses may hide your sensual red lingerie, that doesn't necessarily mean it won't be seen. Your wedding day is hectic and you'll most likely be sweating at some point. Some dyed fabrics will bleed and if this happens in your wedding dress you'll have red or another color seeping through. This is definitely not a good look.
3. Support: Whether your a double D or barely a B, you will want some type of support on your wedding day.
  • Function before appearance: When it comes to choosing lingerie for your wedding, it is in your best interest to choose function (support) over appearance if at all possible. No one at your wedding will see what is on underneath your dress and you can simply change into sexier lingerie for your husband after the wedding. (even a bold color bra and panty set!)
  • Get a Professional Opinion: Many of us have been fitted for bra's somewhere in our teens and have never really had a professional fitting since. When you begin your search for bridal lingerie you may find it extremely beneficial to get fitted again.
  • Read Reviews: It's hard to know how lingerie will hold up on your wedding day, but you can gain valuable information from the experiences of others. This is when shopping online can become extremely useful. Many reputable intimates retailers offer customer feedback. This is probably one of the most valuable references when it comes to support.


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