Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lingerie Set: Taking your Body Measurements and Lingerie Sizing Chart Basics

Lingerie Set

Taking the guesswork and thrill of surprise out of ordering lingerie through mail order does not have to be a challenging task. By simply knowing your exact measurements of your bust size, waist, hip, and inseam, you can easily compare your own sizes with the sizes listed on the lingerie store's sizing and measurement chart. Be sure to check and see if the online retailer that you are purchasing your lingerie from has different sizing charts.

Lingerie sizing charts vary by brand and manufacturer and not all are the same. Being able to understand the difference is key to making a satisfying purchase. Trying to guess or estimate your exact size will cause the headache of having to return your item later on and wait even longer for your lingerie purchase. So a good rule of thumb is to always make sure to carefully read over and examine the sizing chart that is provided on the store's website before your make your final purchase. Lingerie sizing charts are set up a bit different than traditional clothing charts are. While many lingerie sizing charts tend to fit a more youthful and more slender shape, you may find that the lingerie may be a little snug to provide a more form fitting look that adheres to your body's natural shape. If you feel you may be in between sizes, choosing the next larger size is a safe choice.

With lingerie, you are looking at the complete package, you will need measurements for your entire body to be assured you get the right fit that you are looking for.

The first thing you will want to do before making any lingerie purchase is to get your correct measurements. Having someone measure you professionally is the most accurate way to get an exact replica of your body shape. Many fine department stores will measure you, sometimes for free. You are typically not obligated to make a purchase at their store if you receive a measurement consult from them. You can make a copy of your measurements and when you return home later you can easily begin to make your online purchase. If you do choose to measure yourself at home, you can also easily get very precise and accurate measurements. You will first need to buy a cloth or paper tape measurer. You can find these at many fabric or craft stores. Make sure you have a pencil or pen handy to jot down your measurements on paper. Having a friend or spouse help you with the measuring process can make things even easier. Strip down naked, this will give you the best results so that you will have a more precise and "form fitting" piece of lingerie. Begin by measuring your bust or band size. With bra sizes varying from A to DD, finding a specific measurement is essential in making your lingerie piece fit you right.

Wrap the tape just underneath your breasts and measure completely all of the way around your entire body. Do not allow any play in the tape, but do not make it too tight either, leave enough play so that it would serve in a sense, as a piece of lingerie. Write down the measurement and then add 5 to that number. This will give you the correct bust size. (For example, 32 inches.) Next, begin to measure your chest at the fullest tip of your bust line. Be sure when you do this that you keep your cloth tape measure horizontal (side to side) and also keep your arms down flat to your side, (be sure to record the measurement underneath your arms not around them.) Record this measurement. Take this measurement and subtract from your bra size, this should give you a very accurate cup size. (For example- B- this falls in the 34 to no more than the 36 inch range)

Now, you need to measure your waist to determine what your waist line measurements are. If you are not sure exactly where your waistline is, locate your hip bones; the point just above is where your waistline should be measured. Wrap your measuring tape all the way around and record this measurement. Taking measurements of your hips is also important. Locate the fullest point of your hips, then wrap the tape around yourself and record these measurements. The best place to take these measurements is around 6 to 8 inches below your waistline, depending on how tall you are.

For some lingerie purchases such as body stockings or two piece lingerie pant sets, you may also need to record your inseam. You will need someone to assist you in finding your inseam measurements. Stand straight, preferably with shoes on, this will help with measuring towards the end of your leg. Take your cloth measuring tape and measure the distance from the top inseam point (the underside of the crotch) to the bottom of the ankle which is the lowest inseam point. If you are measuring for body stockings or leggings, which are typically worn above the ankle, then only measure to that point. Feel free to measure the other leg, but generally a measurement between the two will give you a very close match as to what your inseam should be. Record this measurement.

The most popular style of lingerie style at the moment is typically low rise. To find what rise you would prefer in your style or selection of lingerie would be to measure from the bottom of the crotch seam to your desired waistline, or where you want the lingerie bottoms to come up to. Some ladies prefer low rise, while others prefer mid to high rise. This all depends on your own sense of style, the style of the lingerie and what the manufacturer's specifications are for that particular piece of lingerie.

Lingerie is available in a variety of dress sizes from 2 to 20. The Typical US conversion chart ranges as follows; small as being in the 2 to 6 size range or if you are anywhere from 90 to 120 pounds. Medium as being in the 6 to 10 size range and weighing in at 120 to 140 pounds. Large, as being in the size 10 to 14 range and weighing in at 140 to 160 pounds. Some manufacturers have sizing charts that are in between sizes such as S/M and M/L, these are a safer bet if you tend to be in between sizes or you feel your size fluctuates a bit from month to month. Plus size lingerie is also available for ladies who weigh above 160 pounds.

Taking accurate measurements is the first step you need to take to assure that you will find satisfaction and fulfillment in your lingerie purchase. You want your lingerie piece to make you feel sensual, erotic and compelling all at the same time! Make it easy on yourself and take the guesswork out of your lingerie purchases by first measuring your sexy curves and then enjoying your new look!


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