Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lingerie Set: Cool and Sexy Hot Lingerie

Lingerie Set

How do you define hot lingerie? Is it the way it looks? The way it feels around your body? Or perhaps, the question of what are the only portions of the body being covered? There are many ways to define how well or how hot a piece of clothing is.

There are cases wherein the definition of hot is by the color. Red and black are the most popular colors for lingerie. And it always gives off the impression that a woman wearing this color is one who is confident, headstrong and sexy. The material used in the lingerie is also another factor for determination. Lace, sheer, velvet, silk, leather and fish net are among the most popular materials used in hot and sexy lingerie. The feel of the fabric or material greatly contributes to how well a woman would feel wearing the article. It also helps make the lingerie look more appealing and hotter.

The cut, pattern or design is another factor for determining hot lingerie. The amount of skin being covered as well as the body parts being accented and held to feature are the biggest determination of the lingerie. A bra for example, should be able to hold the breasts up in a manner to make it extra plump and all voluptuous. It should also be able to show off the cleavage - in the best cases, make it deeper than it usually is. Showing the most part of the breasts' cheeks is a big factor; this gives a teasing effect on the piece of lingerie and those who behold it. Panties on the other hand, vary in patterns. The more skin you show, the hotter it is. Oftentimes, women prefer to have these in a high-cut bikini cut; this is also often achieved with thongs and G-strings. There are also some other patterns and cuts such as the low riders and the boy's cut panties. It gives a cute look to the area being covered while it accents the hips and reveals a small area of the butt.

Lingerie are not limited to bras and panties. There are also other articles which give the set a complete look. These refer to garters and stockings. When stripped to the bare essentials, the garter held right at the edge of the panties which holds the stockings up give it that hot and sexy look. These are able to give the legs and thighs more accent and enable you to flaunt it for a sexier appeal.

Other forms of hot lingerie are those of the chemise, bodice, bustier, teddy, babydoll and booty. These are meant to be worn as a complement to other undergarments or perhaps just as it is. Most of these are used in the privacy of a woman's home as sleepwear or as a teaser for a romantic activity. The look of the lingerie is only half of how it can be considered hot; the way the woman feels when she wears it is the other. And of course, the massive appreciation she will get from her sexy undies is a whole new matter.


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