Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lingerie Set: How to Wear Lingerie That Complements Your Body Shape

Lingerie Set

Large Bust
The key word when choosing a bra or swimwear top is 'support'. This can be achieved by wearing styles which have structured seams or some form of under-wire support. A halter neck with thick straps is also a great way to show off large breasts without worrying that you might show off more than required! Halter necks also offer increased support. If you want to balance out the appearance of very large breasts then this can be done by wearing a darker top with lighter bottoms. Wearing a black bra or swimwear top and a lighter shade or colourful knickers will create the illusion that your breasts are smaller than they would be if you wore a matching set.

Small Bust

If you have a small bust then halter necks will enhance your figure beautifully. They will create the illusion of added width which can be further increased by wearing horizontal stripe patterns. Another great trick to add balance is to wear a lighter bra and darker knickers.

Curvy Body Shape

If you are lucky enough to have a fuller, curvier figure than most women then an all in one lingerie outfit or swimwear. Going for plunging neck lines will draw the eyes to your best feature and divert attention away from other areas which you may not be so confident about. Darker colours will give you an overall slimmer appearance. Try not to wear plain sexy lingerie styles as these will highlight areas on your body that you may not want to show off and instead go for repeating patterns. Avoid horizontal lines if you want to look slimmer.

Boyish & Athletic Body Shape

If you have an athletic figure then you are able to wear boy shorts and pull them off effortlessly. Most other body shapes look silly in boy shorts however they will complement your figure perfectly. Consider wearing halter necks or padded bras to enhance your bust area too. Also, strapless bras will complement your top half beautifully, especially if they are bright and colourful with simple designs.

Pear Shape

If your hips are much wider than your shoulders then you are a classic pear shape. You are also a pear shape if you hold a lot of weight around your bum and thighs and have smaller breasts. Your main priority when wearing lingerie or swimwear should be to balance your figure out by creating the illusion of a larger top half and smaller bottom half.

High cut women's knickers will make your legs look longer and your bum look smaller. You should also wear a darker knickers and a lighter bra. Finally wearing a bra or bikini top with horizontal stripes will give your breasts a wider and fuller appearance.


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