Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lingerie Set: Spice Up and Accessorize Your Lingerie

Lingerie Set

Want to look and feel just a little bit sexier? That's one thing sexy lingerie will do for you. But when shopping for sexy lingerie, why stop with that babydoll, camisole or chemise? There are many accessories available you can get to complement that sexy lingerie outfit. There are also a some lingerie fashions, some called erotic lingerie, that will spice things up just a bit more.

Topping the accessory list are garter belt sets. These sexy lingerie items, together with stockings, can provide a convenient alternative to stockings. Currently very popular, garter sets are available in a variety of colors and materials. Another set of popular hosiery accessories to complement your lingerie, Knee hi and thigh hi stockings are also available in a variety of styles, colors and materials. As the terms suggest, knee hi's cover the legs up to the knee while thigh hi's cover the legs up to the thigh.

Other items to accessorize your lingerie include gloves; some stretch lace or satin gloves can add an extra sensuous look when wearing them. A leg garter can also be used as an add on accessory, as well as nylon anklets. Simply put, a vast number of lingerie accessories are available to be used when wearing lingerie. Be sure to look for these when doing your lingerie shopping.

Also available are some erotic lingerie items you might consider spice it up a bit. Open cup bras or babydolls are popular, these are bras with no support cups and usually cause the shape of the nipple to be visible. When looking to spice things up, crotchless and even edible panties can also be worn for erotic effect, so give them a try. Want to reveal as much of the breast as possible? try some pasties. Pasties vary in size and are used to cover a person's nipples, thereby revealing much of the breast without being totally topless.

So, when shopping for sexy lingerie and intimate apparel, don't forget to also select from a variety of lingerie accessories to complement your purchase. And while you're at it, don't be shy and try some erotic lingerie to and spice things up a bit. Happy lingerie shopping!


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