Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lingerie Set: Teen Bras and Teen Lingerie

Preteen or teen bras are known by several different names. At times they are called training bras, starter bras, first bras and sometimes bralets or preteen bras. Usually young girls or preteens will start wearing a first bra around the age of 11 to 13. Even though their bodies are not fully formed yet, some young girls decide that they should already be wearing one.

Choosing First Bras

A first bra should be very comfortable and feel like it isn't there. Choosing the proper styles with nice colors and some lace will also help a young girl get used to wearing training bras. It will also help her feel more grown up, which of course is the goal of preteen lingerie.

Bra Size 101

Teen bras have a band size just like bigger bras. The band is hooked together at the back and goes all the way around the torso with sizes that start at 28-30-32 etc. The brassiere can be uncomfortable if the band is too tight. Alternately the band will lift in the back of it is too big. The brassiere hooks allow the adjustment of the band length as needed.

The next thing to be aware of is the cup size. The bra cups support and cover the breasts and are measured in letters like AA-A-B and such. Too small and they will force the breasts out at the top and sides. Also the cups are too big if they look wrinkled or have excessive fabric.

The bra straps are what hold first bras in place. So, it is important that the right length is selected. If the straps are too long, the cups will sag and will lose support. Why? The bra band will start to creep up the back if the straps are too short. The bra straps should be straightened so that they are an easy fit, and the bra brand should be parallel to the floor.

Teen Bras In The Change Room

The best way to know if a teen bra is a comfortable fit is to try it on. Keep it on and move around for a few minutes. Sit down. Stretch your arms back and forth. Does it feel right? If, it does not fit properly, simply move on to the next bra. You should not be able to feel a brassiere that fits properly.

Even though it may be tempting, it is a smart move not to buy too many teen bras at the same time. Why? As the body matures, bra sizes can and will vary a lot. It is a better idea to purchase two or three bras and alternate them.

You will want teen panties to match the bras that you select. You can either choose teen panties, boy shorts, or briefs that complete the teen lingerie set. A matched bra and panty set is functional, stylish and a good idea. This also teaches young girls about combining teen lingerie and intimate apparel which will serve them well as the mature into young ladies.


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