Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lingerie Set: Buying Bridal Lingerie

Buying bridal lingerie is a lovely experience and one that many women like to take their time over. I would always recommend that a women tries many different styles and brands, as they do all fit slightly differently.

However, women do need to be a little careful when assessing the size of the lingerie (especially bras and basques). I have heard so many women complain that the bridal lingerie they are trying on (particularly bras and basques) does not fit the same as their normal lingerie, and that it feels "too big". However, when they try on a smaller size they are still not happy with the fit.

There is a very simple explanation behind this. For many women when they are shopping for bridal lingerie it is the first time many of them have tried on strapless bras and basques. The very nature of a strapless bra (or basque) means that it cannot provide as much uplift as a bra (or basques) with straps.

Strapless bras (and basques) also tend to be deep in the centre front (not as plunging). This can also make the fit of the item feel different.

The end result is that many of the items of lingerie that "feel" the wrong size, are actually exactly the right size.

One final consideration is that of the wedding dress. Brides (and to a certain extent bridesmaids) must also remember that they are likely to have a highly structured dress on top of the lingerie, that will provide additional support and shape.


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